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NSJC Pod 0007 – Dr. Brian Moritz

On this edition of the NSJC Pod, we talk with Dr. Brian Moritz from SUNY-Oswego about the sports journalism business, particularly as it relates to ESPN, Grantland, money, cable subscriptions, and everything else that seems to be occupying the zeitgeist in this day and age. The podcast is actually on our new site (which is still under construction), but you can find it at this address.

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Heisman voters: Resist temptation, keep your ballots secret

One of the highlights of my professional career came in 2004 when I received the opportunity to cast a vote for the Heisman Trophy. There is no other individual award in sports as iconic as the Heisman, which has been bestowed since 1936 upon the player deemed to be the best in all of college football. The list of winners is filled with some of the biggest names in the sport’s history, and while there is an inherent bias toward skill position players, it’s hard to argue with the group of young men that comprises the Heisman roster.

For the first 10 years of my balloting, I would broadcast my selections, either in print, on the radio or through both media platforms. But I received an email in the spring of 2014 with a stern message: stop revealing my vote or lose it. For someone who remembers watching the 1970 phone interview with Auburn’s Pat Sullivan after he won the award, still gets misty when he watches John Cappelletti’s “Something for Joey” acceptance speech and continues to thrill when he sees the collection of former winners on the stage before the announcement of the new recipient, this was a simple choice.

Just shut up.

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Philadelphia layoffs mean more than continuing decline of print

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with a sophomore at Villanova who was contemplating a career in sports. A business major, he wasn’t sure any part of the traditional finance/marketing/accounting formula was for him, and he was trying to get an idea whether he should switch to Communications, and specifically sports media. I have known this young man for more than 10 years; he went to grade school with one of my sons, and he is an athlete and a big sports fan.

Although he hasn’t had much media experience to this point, he assured me he would do anything necessary to find an entryway into the field. After listening to his thoughts, I offered a direct bit of advice:

Don’t do it.

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Because NFL won’t stand up to Greg Hardy, media must do it

One of the problems with entering into a business relationship with a company is that when your partner is guilty of poor judgment, it is difficult for you to take a stand against it. That situation is exacerbated when the pact between the two sides is skewed heavily in one direction, as is ESPN’s with the NFL. Sure, the network receives the opportunity to broadcast a game every week and enjoy unfettered access to all league highlights in return for its annual, $1.9 billion payout. But having the country’s top professional league as a colleague confers tremendous status and opportunity upon ESPN, which isn’t about to jeopardize any of that with official rebukes.

That’s why ESPN chose Wendi Nix Sunday to slam the NFL – and specifically Dallas and owner Jerry Jones – for employing Greg Hardy. Hardy was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend but was later cleared after the victim refused to cooperate with prosecutors on appeal. Once that happened (there couldn’t have been any quid-pro-quo involved there, could there?) the NFL shortened Hardy’s suspension from 10 to four games, and Dallas was more than happy to put him on the field. Further, Jones referred to Hardy as a “leader” and said that the team was hoping to sign the defensive lineman to a contract extension beyond his 2015 one-year deal.

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Sports Media Guy 11/9/15 – ESPN, Mizzou and sourcing

The NSJC website is dedicated to bringing you interesting and important perspectives in the areas of sports and journalism. We are delighted to partner with Dr. Brian Moritz, Assistant Professor of Digital Media Production and Online Journalism at SUNY Oswego, and spotlight his blog posts from the always insightful Sports Media Guy site. In this edition, Brian gives his perspective on ESPN’s story from early Monday regarding the Missouri football team, its strike over racial intolerance, and the nature of sourcing in these situations.

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NSJC Pod 0006 – Julie DiCaro

On this edition of the NSJC pod, we talk to Julie DiCaro, IU alumna, contributor to Sports Illustrated, and sportscaster on Chicago’s 670 the Score. Julie talks about her current job, her background, the realities of the sports journalism world as a female, and more.

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The Sports Roundup – November 6

Stephanie Stremplewski takes us through interesting sports and media stories from the past two weeks with this edition of The Sports Roundup.

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